Cooper Stites

Cooper is a freelance audio engineer and producer, based out of The Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR. In which he operates his own studio, Studio C.

Cooper has been a part of The Hallowed Halls since its inception. Having helped build out the studio, doing everything from wiring to building sound treatment. He has an intimate knowledge of each room in the building. Coming from a background in composition and production, Cooper works in many genres, from Electronic; producing RnB, Hip Hop, and EDM, to Acoustic Folk recording solo piano, and singer songwriters. Being a constant music writer and producer himself he is able to coach and work with the artists in a way that really brings their music to life. In the studio setting he works to provide the artist with a balance of comfort and professionalism to deliver the sound they hear in their head. With Studio C, Cooper is able to work directly with artists in a modernized environment built for production. Equipped with all industry standard plug-ins, full production capabilities, as well as access to the mic locker of the Hallowed Halls, artists get the best of both worlds when working on a more electronic based project.


We’re excited to make your project a success, and welcome music of all genres. With two studios and a variety of house engineers, we can accommodate most reasonable budgets so let us know what you need.

* Note - For all bookings utilizing a guest engineer, a house assistant engineer is required to help setup and teardown for $15/hr. They will make your life much easier and your tracks will be happy. We love welcoming in new engineers and producers but everyone needs a little equipment tutorial the first time through.



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