A photo a Joe Anderson at work.

Joe Anderson

Studio Manager / House Engineer
Joe Anderson has been involved in performing and producing music for the better part of the last decade. Coming up in the South Bay Area’s vibrant hardcore and metal scene developed his proclivity towards loud, aggressive, and heavy styles of music.

He relocated to Portland in the spring of 2021, and quickly found a home at the Hallowed Halls via their amazing internship program. His dedication to his craft and to the studio propelled him into numerous recording and live sound jobs, and ultimately led to his formal hiring to the Hallowed Halls staff.

Joe is responsible for managing and educating our staff of interns, maintaining the Hallowed Halls supply chain, and handling bookings.

Additionally, Joe is a talented and professional producer and engineer. With experience on projects ranging from lo-fi hip hop to progressive death metal, he approaches every session with a nuanced attention to detail and a passion for crafting and materializing the vision of the artists he works with.

Joe is available to serve and assist you at any point in your creative process, including Production and Recording, Mixing, and Live Sound Engineering.


We’re excited to make your project a success, and welcome music of all genres. With two studios and a variety of house engineers, we can accommodate most reasonable budgets so let us know what you need.

* Note - For all bookings utilizing a guest engineer, a house assistant engineer is required to help setup and teardown for $15/hr. They will make your life much easier and your tracks will be happy. We love welcoming in new engineers and producers but everyone needs a little equipment tutorial the first time through.



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