Friday, April 29, 2022

This week at the Hallowed Halls, local giants Robots of the Ancient World and legendary house engineer Billy Anderson tracked some heavy psychedelic metal for their upcoming release.  On Saturday and Sunday, house engineer YU recorded a series of orchestral strings, brass, and woodwinds for a film score project. Justin Phelps was busy this week in Studio B as he wrapped up vocal and keyboard overdubs for local Americana group Fir; and mixed new singles for March Fourth and MDC. Justin also mastered three new songs in Tiki Town Mastering for a live video release filmed in studio A this spring with Left On Tenth!

Tonight (Friday) So Far Sounds will be hosting a sold out concert in Studio A with Portland legends Acoustic Minds and Kingsley. House engineer Cooper Stites will be handling the live mix.

Studio availabilities next week:
Saturday April 30: Studio A (9:30-2)
Sunday May 1: Studio B (open)
Monday May 2: Studio B (open)
Tuesday May 3: Studio A (open)
Wednesday May 4: Studio A (9:30-5)
Thursday May 5: Studio A (open)
Friday May 6: Studio A (open)
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Friday, April 22, 2022

You never know what legendary gear you’ll find passing through the Hallowed Halls!

This week at the Hallowed Halls we welcomed local classic rock meets indie pop band Fir, Justin Phelps helmed the Neve Genesys console on this tracking session in Studio A (fir
House engineer David Streit recorded additional overdubs for the upcoming Fancy Toes project and our friend Jeffrey Silverstein ( stopped in for an evening rehearsal in Studio A.
The Tiki Town Mastering Lounge was busy this week with house engineer Duggan Backhouse-Prentiss, and Chief Engineer Justin Phelps polishing mixes for Left on Tenth (

Featured gear: the RCA 77-DX poly-directional ribbon microphone.

This microphone was sold to radio station KBHK San Francisco in 1967, and was used in the broadcasting booth mostly by the legendary Darwin Gillett, the voice of KBHK (
In the mid 90’s our team were fortunate enough to become stewards of this incredible microphone and while under the care of Justin Phelps this RCA 77-DX was used to record the Secret Chiefs 3, Amanda Palmer, The Mars Volta, and Jolie Holland, among others.

Shout out to our local piano tuner extraordinaire Tucker Dresden! He’s the best in town and is an awesome person to work with, thanks Tucker!

Studio availabilities next week:
Sunday April 24: Studio B, noon-close.
Monday April 25: Studio B, 9:30-3:30.
Tuesday April 26: Studio B, open.
Wednesday April 27: Studio B, open.
Thursday April 28: Studio A, open.

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